Friday, 15 February 2013

The night before the Indian adventure

So it's the night before I head off to India and it's been a busy week...

I leave in the morning to fly to India so this is just a very quick whistle stop through my last week, as I would like to keep you informed.

My travelling companion, Porridge
Since I last blogged I have gained a friend from Imagine It (an organisation set up by the inspirational Fynn & Vicky Cornish) who will be joining me on my journey, to keep me good company and share in what is to be a life changing experience...  Let me introduce you to Porridge, he is definitely what you would call a cuddly type of guy!

I am very proud to take Porridge along, as the holder of this little fella carries the Imagine It ethos to; live, love & laugh, something I think we should all embrace.

Expect to see the odd picture of Porridge appear over the next week.

On Monday I ran a breakfast morning to raise money for charity, cooking up a storm at the Essex & Suffolk Water offices in Lowestoft and maybe munching a few sausages along the way.  I had a busy week ahead but my bad planning ensured I started with a bang, or should that be banger! (Poor joke, I know!)

Still on Monday I popped to the doctors to establish my blood type in readiness for the trip to India...

I then had an interview with the lovely Lesley Dolphin on BBC Radio Suffolk about my trip to India. This was followed by an interview by the Lowestoft Journal & Eastern Daily Press, both of which I appeared in today's editions, spreading the message as to why the WaterAid trip to India is so important and how through the donations of the public the lives of men, women and children can be saved.

Phew...  By the time Monday was over I felt a little exhausted.

Wednesday I got packing, I managed to restrict myself to just a few items of clothing, toiletries, camera, Ipad (for blogging) and other essentials.  I left plenty of room in my case for some pens, pencils, crayons, writing books and children's sports clothing, the staff at Essex & Suffolk Water had kindly donated for the children of the villages we will be visiting.  These items will be handed to the local WaterAid team when we arrive in India to ensure they are fairly distributed.  I think that it is great that people from Essex & Suffolk Water want to get so involved and it is heart warming to see their generosity.

Me, Mum & My Beautiful Sister Shelly
Yesterday was my last working day before the trip and today I have taken a bit of time out to rest, relax and spend time with the family.  My mum, twin sister, uncle and aunt treated me to a lovely lunch (fish and chips) and it was lovely to be able to tell them all about my planned trip.  I could see the pride bursting out of my mum and I know that she will be spreading the WaterAid message whilst I am out in India.

So now it's the evening and time for me to get my final bits and pieces ready, watch a film with my most amazingly brilliant partner and head off to bed nice and early...  Tomorrow Heathrow and New Dehli.

I will update when I am able to get internet access...  Thank you for following my journey.

You can also follow me on Twitter @jamesdmuir & the entire WaterAid India Supporters Visit Group @WIPindia2013


  1. wishing you a safe and inspiring Journey so amazingly proud of you xxxx

  2. have a safe trip james and keep up the good work xx

  3. Tracys js message above James xxxx