Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 1, trains, tubes, buses and a plane

So it's day one of the Indian adventure, my alarm went off at 6:20am, it's up and out of bed, time for a coffee, a goodbye to my partner and then off to the local train station.

1st train of the day was a relatively uneventful affair... Second train much the same however watching the sights of London draw closer as I approached Liverpool Street Station started me thinking how lucky we are in the UK to be surrounded by so many iconic buildings.

Then on to the underground, now this was interesting, a man in his mid 40's, wearing filthy clothes, came up to me on a busy train to say that he was in the next Star Wars movie and would be playing Hans Solo... The young version!  Wow, I replied, then he smiled revealing just one tooth on the top and the strong smell of alcohol, "so, tell me, are you excited about the part" I asked him, to which he responded, "not as excited as I was last night when I was out with Heath Ledgers best friends".  Seeing others on the carriage give him disapproving looks, made me want to talk to him more.  I don't care who he was, he laughed a lot and made me smile... So Mr Star Wars, if ever you read this, keep dreaming, you were clearly happy.

Next was a quick train to the airport and then meeting the rest of the WaterAid supporters group.  Everyone seem really nice and enjoying the experience... Me I am bursting with excitement, this day has come so quickly.

So then on to the flight, approx 8vhours in a 747 with little leg room but I ate some tasty plane food and must confess to enjoying a couple of cold beers.

Now, I'm sitting in the WaterAid offices in Delhi after a short transfer from the airport, a little time to rest before we head out again to catch the train to Gwalior...  What awaits us is yet to be seen but whatever I witness is certain to be memorable.

Just a short update but I will post again soon.


  1. So glad you have arrived safe looking so exciting so far i feel i am there with you sending love to you on you inspiring journey love you xxx

  2. glad u had a safe journey and the pictures are beautiful i can see india through ur eyes and i hope u have fun and meet lots of people on your adventure take care xx

  3. James my friend Tracy J scarlett put the comment on above between us we are trying to figure out how to put her name to it lol xx

  4. From Patricia Cash.... Hi James glad you and Porridge have arrived safely xxx From Kathleen Walton Glad your now in India time to get down to business Love little Porridge